Catch up – Day 12 – Medicaid at 50: State Highlight: Colorado

Basics: Colorado Medicaid covers: 1,244,031 lives

Colorado has been on the vanguard of accountable care in Medicaid. They started their Accountable Care Collaboratives in 2011 (the Affordable Care Act was just 1 year old!) with the goal of improving outcomes and saving money by using a medical home model embedded in a regional coordination strategy supported by strong data. Colorado Medicaid has produced this exciting YouTube video to teach us more!

As we look for evidence on how different models of ‘accountable care’ work, Colorado is great because they are a couple of years in and so are starting to produce some results. Plus, they’ve built strong data and analytics into their work to facilitate both patient care and evaluation. According to their 2014 Annual Report, last year the ACC overall (there are regional care organizations) generated $98-102 million in medical savings, and spent $69 million on administrative costs, for a net savings of $29-33 million.


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