Catch up day 16 Medicaid at 50- State Highlights Missouri

Missouri covers 908,242 people through it’s Medicaid and CHIP programs.

Medicaid helps with social services that help your health much more than a hospital. A person can continue to be treated in a hospital for a specific condition over and over, but unless you address what is causing that condition, they aren’t going to be better. Take for instance asthma. Asthma can be triggered by environmental conditions. Missouri has a program to help people learn about asthma triggers. This small investment saves Medicaid money in medical costs and improves the health of Medicaid beneficiaries across the state.

TaNisha Webb points out a leak in the furnace room of an apartment in Kansas City, Mo. She explains the damp conditions are not ideal, especially right next to the system that circulates air throughout the home.

“It’s going to pull in any other issues, airborne mold spores, bacteria growth potentially through the furnace and kind of distribute it in other places,” Webb said.

Webb, an Environmental Health Coordinator at Children’s Mercy Hospital, is visiting the home of a child with asthma to help identify environmental factors that could be triggering the child’s condition, like the mold she just found growing on the furnace room’s walls.


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