Catching up – Day 19 – Medicaid at 50: State Highlight: Wyoming

Basics: Wyoming Medicaid covers 70,742 Wyomingites

Well, the big news out of Wyoming is that Governor Matt Mead wants to expand Medicaid. He’s not super excited about the Affordable Care Act, but he did make the excellent point:

“But I don’t think we can say to those people in Wyoming who are working who cannot get insurance that we’re not going to do anything.”

The legislature has done the math and approved expansion talks in late 2014. Wyoming has been negotiating with HHS on a waiver that would allow the state to charge a copay for services, and would allow them to charge monthly premiums between $25-50, depending on income. Unemployed individuals would have access to employment assistance like vocational training or job search. This plan is called the Strategy for Health Access, Responsibility, and Employment (SHARE). Expanding Medicaid would extend coverage to almost 18,000 uninsured Wyomingites (my new favorite word).


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