What do we do with research? A crisis in the making.

photo (1)As a fun packing activity I stacked some of my health policy reports and journals (no books or CFRs). Quickly, gravity (the pull from the earth, not the Hollywood blockbuster) took over and I had to stop stacking. My pile reached 4 and a half feet. (Keep in mind- I’ve only been in this business for a few years.)

But what does one do with all of this research? Go back to school to get a PhD? OK. Read it? Who actually does that?

I made an excel spreadsheet as I was reading the articles but it would take me many more years to read these 4 years worth of reports and people keep writing! Not to mention people have been writing for years.

While, I’m hungry to read everything about Medicare, Medicaid and insurance markets- how exactly should one filter to get the best and fullest picture of what health care research looks like? I’ve been told I should focus. I can’t count the times I’ve been told, “become a Medicaid person.” I like Medicare too. And Marketplaces are fun. I want to be an expert in everything health policy. Surely that’s possible.

Are we getting to a point that publishing research is just a way to gain clout? Has it been that way for years? Will anyone read what I write in the future?

Maybe that’s what this blog is for.


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