Medicaid is the Best: Part 2

This is part 2 of the ongoing series in Medicaid posts to pursued the minds of all internet users that Medicaid is indeed the best.  

People love Medicaid.

For instance, Belhaven, North Carolina Mayor Adam O’Neal. This week, O’Neal started a 273 mile walk to Washington to protest the closure of the hospital in his area. The hospital sites anticipated reductions to Medicaid uncompensated care payments as reason for closure. These future cuts were designed to be offset by new payments from the the new Medicaid expansion population. North Carolina decided not to expand Medicaid to those under 138% federal poverty.

O’Neal is a Republican.

While O’Neal’s protest should be directed to the state rather than the federal government, his actions join a growing cacophony of local protesters fighting for Medicaid expansion.



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