Roger and Me

Yes, I'm going to connect Health Policy to a documentary. I'm not an idiot.
Yes, I’m going to connect Health Policy to a documentary. I’m not an idiot.

Warning: this post is a little soapboxy and personal- if you’re here for the news, this isn’t it. 

This weekend, I saw the new Steve James documentary about Roger Ebert, Life Itself.  I recommend that you watch it! Roger Ebert was a wonderful writer and truly a powerful mind. For any movie lover or lover of people, he is missed.

The part of the movie that stuck with me the most was in the description of Roger as a friend and critic of many movie makers. There was an interesting story about Martin Scorsese, a good friend of Roger’s, receiving a bad movie review and while it hurt- it helped him become a better movie maker.  At the same time, rather than painting a perfect picture of Roger his friends critiqued him. This open discussion, while personal painted a more honest picture of Roger Ebert as a human and movies as a human endeavor.

The health policy community, much like the movie community, has several defined groups and too often they don’t interact with each other. They often critique each other from afar rather than understand each other. One purpose of this blog and a personal philosophy is an attempt to bring worlds together and facilitate an open and honest discussion.

I’m going to get things wrong on the Internet. I hope to minimize my mistakes. Whether you are an academic, journalist, bureaucrat, or advocate- I invite you to correct and critique me.  I’ll do the same.  One promise I hope to make to you reader(s) is that I will remember that what we produce is a human endeavor and in the end, there is another person behind that paper, regulation, or article.

So let’s all hold hands and be friends. We’re humans and we make mistakes, so lets be honest and nice about it. Except for you cyborgs. You can’t make mistakes.


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